About Us

Artistic effort is an element that will fulfill the requirements of being human. Altkat Art Theater also acts with this awareness and continues its existence by putting “human” in the center.

Altkat Art Theater, which started to serve in its current location in Kadıköy Moda Street in 2012, aims to shed light on the past, present and future of human beings with the shows it exhibits. Celebrating its 9th anniversary this year, the theater continues its productions by expanding its repertoire.

Art is the process of creating one’s own nature. The creative human uses the stage as an escape, a breathing space and reproduce their presence in this area where they see themselves close. Everyone should benefit from art. Altkat Art Theater, which has been proven to increase awareness in many aspects such as the liberation of people and developing a method to find their own ways of expression, and effective communication, continues to produce in order to carry the importance and value of this art, which is their profession, in the life and culture of our age.



Arkadaş Z. Özger, a poet whose pain has deepened. He started writing poetry in the 1960s, the most turbulent times. With his unique style, he became an important name of poetry in Turkey. During his lifetime, his poems were only published in magazines. However, it was made into a book after his death. Arkadaş ’s poems; it includes loneliness, intense internal reckoning, love and desire to live. The mockery infiltrated into the poems is the reckoning with the society, their loves and themselves.

Dönüşüm ( The Metamorphosis )

Kafka’s story “The Metamorphosis”, which was published in 1915 and is still alive today, is on stage with the interpretation of Altkat Sanat.

“The light is diminishing, it looks like a desert covered by gray lands and gray skies. Everything is gray… Everything!” (Franz Kafka)

“When Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from oppressive dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a giant insect.”

Böyle Buyurdu Zerdüşt  ( Also sprach Zarathustra )

Human moved away from nature, human moved away from human, away from life, dreams, courage and will. Ethical values are on the verge of extinction and unfortunately our obsessive and restless lives.

Anne Frank’ın Hatıra Defteri (Het Achterhuis )

In the life of war, 2 lives that have to live in one life. These 2 are Anne Frank, who keeps all her writings in a notebook on her person.

Anne Frank wrote the cry of the war she had endured for 16 years in her diary. She reminded me again for a disgrace. It carried violence, aggression. Anne Frank “When I say to live after I die, there is absolutely no way for the carnage to continue”. During the time when there will be war and brutality in the world, Anne Frank will continue to send peace to our ears with the spirit of a child.


Altkat Art Theater’s stage is small, but when we showcase our shows on our own, it creates a bigger impact. Interlocking performance with the audience increases the impact.

Altkat Art Theater uses the power of theater to change. Instead of easy shows, they stage our life-related problems and confronts the audience with their problems. The acting style varies depending on the show on show.

Altkat Art Theater is not a director’s theater, but a theater in which the actor is at the forefront. the man who directs is also the actor. The biggest difference of Altkat Art Theater from other theaters is that it provides income for the actor. Thanks to this, the shows are also of high quality.

The decor is used very little in Altkat Art Theater. If decor needs to be used on the stage.

There is no decor for decoration on the stage. Altkat Art Theater is not a production theater.

The low use of the decor is not due to the fact that it is a private theater or because of financial means. In the shows, the actor and the actor’s body are in the foreground. As Jerzy Grotowski said, “ No makeup, no decor or costume needed, good actor can wear ”


Although art has been subject to some prohibitions in every period, it has somehow found its way and continued its existence in different forms until today. Artists have developed means of expression without forgetting their own responsibility in order to prevent social decay. One of them is a part of the branches of art; Pantomime in its simplest meaning is expressed as wordless theatre.

Pantomime trainings are given in the Altkat Art Theater. The process of getting to know your own body is not easy. with studies; It is aimed to enjoy new findings, to develop observation skills, to explore the body, to use imagination, to use energy correctly, to increase the perception of vision, to dominate balance, and to improve the body’s movement possibilities by using opposite movements.

With the studies conducted with Müge Saut, a graduate of Istanbul University State Conservatory Pantomime Department, the change you experience from your speaking style to your walking rhythm is felt throughout your life. In addition, with the pantomime lessons you will take, you will discover different methods of communication and learn how to use your body instead of your voice.